Thursday, 14 February 2013

The dungeon of La Houssoy

The tower was built in the city of Crouy on Ourcq located in Seine et Marne.

The dungeon of La Houssoy came from a house that had a high square tower, the house belonged to the family of the bars that kept the possesion of the manor until 1229 when it was sold to the king's brother Philippe -le-Bel. In 1311, she will become the property of Sépoix, Jean III who built the fort was built to complement and replace the fortified house.

The construction of such a building (square tower) was rare in those days, he was surrounded by ditches, moats and a first defense.


Following the siege of the castle by the Duke of Lorraine in 1652, the house burned completely, with the exception of three chimneys still visible, as well as its inhabitants. The dungeon, he resists fire and serves pigeon for many years before being gradually abandoned. It consists of five floors vaulted crowned with a circular gallery. It adjoins the farm wearing high battlements which is now a privately owned independent.
   Currently, the tower now houses the Tourist and an interesting exhibition that traces the history of navigation on the Ourcq.

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