Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Castle of Vigny

The castle was built in 1504 by Cardinal Georges d'Amboise at the site of the old manor. Surrounded by a moat pond transformed into broader nineteenth century, it has a northern façade of a composition with its remarkable entrance pavilion with two towers flanking confined themselves to meet the other two corner towers. The curtains linking these towers are widely opened by mullioned bay. Machicolations surround everything and come to support roofs and ridges snuffbox. This concern for symmetry and ordering is typical of the early French Renaissance. The building threatened to ruin, it was bought November 8, 1867 by Count Philippe Spiridion Vitali, Prince Sant'Eusebio, who had it restored and enlarged the south wing by architect Charles Cazot in a neo-gothic high to nineteenth century. Since 2002, the castle is owned by a Japanese company and hosts a school of culinary arts training for apprentices Japanese.

 The Town

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