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The Castle of La Ferté-Milon

The castle of La Ferte-Milon is a castle located in the town of La Ferte-Milon in the department of Aisne in France whose construction was decided by Louis of Orleans in 1398. His death halted construction and the project was quickly interrupted.

The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list of 1862

A castle is mentioned in La Ferte-Milon in the ninth century. At the beginning of the eleventh century, the chapel becomes college. La Ferte-Milon met the county of Valois in 1213, and Philip Augustus meets the county crown. In 1240, Saint Louis gives usufruct to his mother and in 1284 Charles of Valois becomes its owner.
In the fourteenth century, the only brother of King Charles VI, Prince Louis of Orleans recovers the county of Valois in 1392.

Louis decided not to keep any existing structure and the primary site was razed and redeveloped. The construction of the castle stopped after nine years with the assassination of the prince in 1407 and comes to us in a fossil state. The heirs of Louis agreed not the slightest importance to the castle shifted in time and space.

In 1412, the Count of Saint-Pol site takes the French to return to English in 1429. In 1588, Antoine de Saint-Chamant Leaguer, defended the place against Henry IV and retired in 1594.

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