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The Castle of Graville

Castle of Graville is a castle which is located in private Vernou-la-Celle, in the department of Seine-et-Marne, near Fontainebleau. The Castle is included in the Inventory of Historical Monuments, as well as two of its chimneys. Built in a park of 20 hectares, it is discovered after a long aisle of 1.7 kms.

In 1235, ADAM, Viscount of Melun, built the castle whose name was then Tournenfuye castle, castle which had been a census at the time of the War of 100 years to determine whether it should be to build a ring around Paris and protect the city, without being retained.

From 1363 to 1409, the lord of Tournenfuye is John Montagu, the secretary of Charles V, who "cherishes very much," then Charles VI who appointed Superintendent of Finance. The fortune of John and the influence it has on the King does not like everyone and especially the Duke of Burgundy who gets that "punishes" Jean de MONTAGU. He was hanged in Monfaucon October 17, 1409. His property was confiscated.

In 1435, the castle returns to MONTAGU Elisabeth, daughter of John Montagu, whose memory has been restored. On the death of Elizabeth, her sister Jacqueline inherited the castle. She married John V of MALET GRAVILLE. The MALET débaptisent Castle Tournenfuye to give the name of the castle they had to Graville Sainte Honorine near Le Havre, which had fallen into sea due to a collapse of the cliff.


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