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The Castle of Gisors

The Castle of Gisors , located in the Norman Vexin, is built on a motte. It consists of a circular tower, which was added to an existing fortress. Essentially the work of the eleventh dukes of Normandy in the twelfth century, the frontier fortress was to defend the Anglo-Norman against the pretensions of the king of France. The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list of 1862.

The origins of this fortress date back to the second half of the eleventh century. A motte was built from 1097 by Robert II de Belleme, by order of the king of England Guillaume II Le Roux (1087-1100), regent of the Duchy of Normandy. This is supplemented a year later by a tower of wood, probably wearing a palissade. In 1113, this fortified site, overlooking the valley of the Epte, hosts a meeting between sovereign Louis VI of France and Henry I Beauclerc of England. He knows his first seat in 1120, during the rebellion against the Norman lords guardianship English. The fortress, defended by Governor Robert Chandos had good hold on this serious warning lead the English king to judge safer to rethink the fortifications, which will be included from 1123. This first campaign of reconstruction will keep adding a stone octagonal, surrounded by a rampart wholesale unit (speaker-low)


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