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The Castle of Coucy

Coucy Castle is a castle, built in the thirteenth century on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley of the Oise and the fin. It is located in the town of Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique, in the department of the Aisne to the limit of Laon and Soissons in France.

The castle was declared a historic monument since 1862 and belongs to the state.
The first mention of a castle in Coucy date 920: it is a simple mound built by Hervé, bishop of Reims.
In 1079, it was Alberic (or Aubry) who seizes the first castle, and became the founder of the dynasty of the Lords of Coucy.
The town of Coucy is freed from seigneurial power in 1197. 

Around 1223, Enguerrand III de Coucy, warrior in the battle of Bovines and expeditions against the Cathars built the castle whose ruins are still visible today.  Wanting to compete with the kings of France, he spent a huge fortune in the construction of this colossal castle dungeon which Viollet-le-Duc says: "Near this giant, the largest towers known, either in France or Italy and Germany, are only time. '

1380, Enguerrand VII, a great diplomat, beautifies and transformed the fortress by building large rooms and giving it a palace of Gothic architecture. He died without male issue.

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