Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Castle of Beynes

The Castle of Beynes is a fortified castle located in the center of the town of Beynes in the department of Yvelines, France.
  • In XIth century : this castle, located in the valley, which was built in the eleventh century was primarily a military role at a time when the course of Mauldre was a line of defense of the royal domain westward, especially against the English during the hundred Years War.
  • In XIVth century, Robert Estouteville transform the castle.
Having lost its strategic importance due to the extension of the royal domain, it became a residential castle around 1450 when Robert Estouteville him into the dungeon shaving, adjusting artillery fortifications rising and by setting up a residence more habitable. The building is still undergoing further transformations, including Philibert Delorme in the fifteenth century.


The restoration of the Castle

The Town

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