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The Castle of Berzy-le-Sec


 Located in a position that dominates the valley of the Great Depression, the castle Berzy depended on the lordship of Pierrefonds and Philippe Auguste was governed from the custom of Valois. Altered over the centuries, it is already a house fortified the Carolingian period, strengthened and expanded the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries to the time of the Hundred Years War, further modified in the Renaissance style at the time wars of Italy.
The castle is part of a quadrilateral from 32 to 51 meters wide.

It included more of what remains of the roof covering the second floor, a wall of defense ten meters high turreted at the corners (all enclosure existed until 1850) of buildings household in the courtyard, a well, a drawbridge, an outwork today backfilled ditches dug in the rocky bank and two towers rehaussaient the existing two-storey gatehouse.

 The first known lords in the twelfth century another: the family of Louvain, in the middle of

Fifteenth to the mid-sixteenth and the family by marriage Estrées the middle of the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, the family Peletier de Saint Fargeau until the early nineteenth century, the castle was converted into a farm until the nineteenth War World. The castle bears the arms of France and those of Orleans as in Pierrefonds and La Ferté-Millon.


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