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The Castle of Bercy

Castle Bercy was a castle built in the seventeenth century and ended in the early eighteenth century in the Bercy integrated municipality of Charenton-le-Pont (in department of Val-de-Marne) in 1860.

The castle of
Bercy was built from1658 by François Le Vau for Charles Henry Malon de Bercy, Marquis of Nointel, intendant of finances, in an exceptional location boasts a beautiful view of the Seine.

The park is extended to Paris and was laid, according to tradition, by André Le Nôtre.
On the death of François Le Vau in 1676, the castle was not finished, it's Jacques de La Guépière who undertook the complete and expand between 1702 and 1715.

 He built the outbuildings and stables, partly preserved (entrance pavilions commons: Nos. 109 and 114 of the present Rue du Petit-Château in Charenton-le-Pont, the street follows the route of the old driveway cross the forecourt of the castle).

Castle Bercy was our height 10-16 of the current street Marius Delcher.

The main and side facades and the related hedges at 114 rue du Petit-Château are subject to registration as a historic monument since October 23, 1959. Facades and roofs of the hunting lodge of the old castle, except the wing in return are subject to a classification as historical monuments since January 3, 1966.


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