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The Castle Gaillard

Reconstitution Numérique


Château Gaillard is a ruined medieval fortress located in the heart of the Norman Vexin, 100 km from Paris in the town of Andelys (Eure). It is a piece of history of France which dominates the valley of the Seine, mixing Richard the Lion Heart and cursed kings on top of a limestone cliff. Château-Gaillard has more than 800 years. It owes its name to Richard the Lion Heart, who, seeing completed, would have said, "What this guy a castle! ".

The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list of 1862

The construction of the fortress part of the fight being waged since the 1060s the kings of France and the Kings of England, while masters of Normandy. In 1189, Richard I told Richard the Lion-Heart inherits the crown from his father Henry II Plantagenet, King of England and Duke of Normandy. King Philip Augustus (Philip II of France), hitherto ally Richard, away from him. However, they go together in the winter of 1190-1191 to the Holy Land. But after a few months, Philip Augustus returned to his kingdom and advantage of the absence of Richard to begin the conquest of Normandy.


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