Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Anne Boleyn Tower

This square tower, built in Sub-Briis Forge in the Essonne department, is the only remnant of a medieval castle, it was probably the dungeon. The fortress, surrounded by ditches crossed by drawbridges, with a wall flanked by towers, was located in the village center also fortified. In the early sixteenth century, before her marriage to Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, daughter of Thomas Boleyn, British Ambassador to France, staying perhaps Briis castle, owned by Du Moulin, friends of his parents, and his name remains connected to the tower. In 1772, Guillaume de Lamoignon, Count Montrevault, demolished the castle then ruined, with the exception of the tower, part of the commons, and two turrets are destroyed in the nineteenth century.


The Town

Itineraries and transport

Chapter I, the world of Castle

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