Thursday, 14 February 2013

Remains of Castle of La Tourelle

These towers are the last remains of an ancient fortified farm, located on the fief of La Forest and ruined during the Revolution. Originally, the farm has two towers arranged around a courtyard. The master's house, surrounded by water, is outside. In 1481, Louviers, lords Maurevert acquire this fief. They are known to have conducted a manhunt against the inhabitants of Ozouer-the-Voulgis in November 1621, headed by François de Louviers. Jealous of the free use of wood communal enjoyed by residents, following a donation of Jude Cresne the Louviers killing and injuring several villagers in their forest. They are assigned to justice, sentenced to be beheaded in effigy and scope.


The Town

Itineraries and transport

Chapter I, the world of Castle

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