Friday, 15 February 2013

Castles, Fortified-Castles, Dungeons...

Castles-Fortress, Forts, Dungeons....

- Castles-Fortress

- The Fortifications

- The forts, the fortress, the médievals towns

- The Dungeons of Ile de France

To the Castles, the Fortified-Castles...

- The world of Castles
- Around the Castles and the medieval times
- Media Castles

- Links of Castles and the medieval times

- Aqueducs, tanks

- A path to the Castles, the dungeons and the towers

- A old Castle, somes Castles

- Middle-ages

Castles, festivals...

- Castles, Art, Architecture, Poetry

- The Castles can be visited in Ile-de-France region

- The fortified-castles can be visited in Ile-de-France region

The Fortified-Castles, the Dungeons and the Towers

- The Anne de Bretagne Tower

- The Castle of Beynes

- The Castle of Blandy les Tours

- The Castle of Brie-Comte-Robert

- The Castle of Coucy

- The Castle of Dourdan

- The Castle of Farcheville

- The Castle of Gaillard

- The Castle of Gisors

- The Dungeon of Houdan

- The Dungeon of La Houssoy

- The Castle of La Madeleine

- The Castle of La Roche-Guyon

- The Castle and dungeon of Nemours

- The medieval city of Provins

- The Castle of Vigny

To go to little further ....

Somes Castles

List of castles of Ile-de-France:

A website who propose to see, know, the remains of castles over 150 sites in 17pays;

The Cathars Castles;

The Castles in France;

Web Site of Feudal Castles and medieval ruins:

The Castle destroy in Ile de France:

The birth of museum:

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