Friday, 15 February 2013

A path to the Castles, the Dungeons and the Towers...



Towers, Dungeons and therefore Castles also take us there to aliasing, a cylindrical tower, square, surrounded by its sounds, its meaning so deep ...It seems so harsh and beautiful at the same time, so deep, only a stone could move us ... As it can be easy to imagine their stories, thoughts if charged, if interspersed with facts, foisements of all kinds ...They seem a little rudoyées the time, but in the depths of themselves, they offer their historical attributes, which are not as we think, just emotion, is émiéter gradually we They are so ornate history, virtues, values ​​...Their signs present in a large park, a clod, a few remnants, a Nymphaeum, take us a long way to travel, to a romantic glade that time kept, split-pampered-loaded, time, near a city, a forest, a place, a forest with fall colors, has married a thousand leaves .....Surrounded by a canal, facing a long span of clear water dotted here and there with ducks and swans, which, in a group or alone, in front of us sign symbol white and red .... here as Fontainebleau or Seals, all of a sudden one, they invite us to travel a few kilometers along a large canal, extended to royal symbols ....In their sounds, one can imagine an eagle, a Grand Duke, a falcon flying this forum, a speaker ... These symbols animal sign where their dates, their profound writings that time conveyed to kept ...See, feel, when there two meters, a group of rider passes quietly, we are born anew intangible dreams ...Allied to architecture, a bunch of trees, acres and joy, Castles, big or small animate, visit radiate even to Japan, to corner of the world, it is not nothing, it is not a little adventure, a plot ephemeral, a dream of a summer night, although in certain circumstances ..... Is proof that our country is responsible for many things, from sounding flawless want the world, that the world wants us to "pull, we take imatériellement ... ".There, a long path winds down the valley, there is a long way to align the forest, where the feet of the city, this small way, shorter, steeper, shows us and invites us to relish the jewels of a crown disappeared there are now about 220, 250 years, maybe a little more ....

Association "Un Chemin Historique et Touristique en Ile-de-France", "An Historic and Touristic path in Ile-de-France region":

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