Friday, 18 January 2013

The castle of La Celle-les-Bordes

The site is ancient history to believe if it tells us not history. 
We are at the VIth century. In the woods of Yveline, winds and clear living water, we can establish something. At the request of St. Germain, bishop of Paris, the Merovingian Childebert I granted a concession of three hundred acres to the prelate who founded a small monastery, a chapel, a "one". It goes to work, is cleared, the settlers? Monks, great laborious. Honor to them! In these times, they are almostie only lead with a collective intelligence, the only, or almost, to read, write, count, foresee, order, skilled workers with that, and patients hasteners technical progress, because it is necessary for the community, mills water and wind, forges and furnaces, workshops and stores, in short, a "complex" industrial craft, in addition, they are public works contractors, by defeating a lift to create a pond and go fishingtherefore eating fish on Friday or Lent taking. Around the small convent, born a rural community. It's called La Celle-Saint-Germain, the name of its founder, thenLa Celle-en-Yvelines, and now La Celle-les-Bordes.Antique French villages! It crosses the feudal lords undergoes rivalry Montfort and Rochefort, survives by force of his humility, as these helpless animals who have them for their tenacious desire to live ...Jump eight centuries. Appears in the history of La Celle, a family, Harville. The great ancestor is Peter, who acquired the fief in 1363, during the reign of John the Good (nothingthen only remains of the monastery of St. Germain). The line continues with Harville lords prénommés William Fiacre, Esprit, Henri, to the Wars of Religion, where the chief of the name and arms called Claude.Read more ... Written by the Duke of Brissac,

The town

Itineraries and transport

Chapter I, the world of Castle

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