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The Castle of Nangis

The castle also called the castle of La Motte Nangis is located in the heart of the city of Nangis, in the department of Seine-et-Marne, near Fontainebleau. Castle protected the population of the manor during the Hundred Years War. It now houses the administrative city hall.

The name "La Motte" suggests the mound indicating the medieval origin of the place. Fleury (c. 1093 - c. 1147), son of King Philip I of France, is the oldest known lord. In 1245, the castle of the day goes to the house of Montmorency. Although recognized as a fortress in 1397, the British inflict significant damage to the castle in 1429. King Charles VII the Well-Served provide the lordship of Denis de Chailly (Chailly-en-Bière) as a reward for his help in Joan of Arc. It rebuilt the fort in 1436.

He married Marie de Veres April 16, 1507, Louis de Brichanteau becomes the new lord. His descendants retained the lordship until the Revolution. And the estate passed to their son Nicolas de Brichanteau then the son of the latter, Antoine. Around 1590, Antoine de Brichanteau is modernizing the main building. Becomes the lordship marquis in 1612. The castle is visited by Louis XIV in 1678. On the death of Armand de Brichanteau in 1742, a distant cousin, Count Guerchy, becomes the new marquis.

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