Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Castle of Nandy


Often a story rich in drama, always full of lessons and so this past inserts attached to a tradition in which the misfortunes followed by resurrection teach not to despair of the future.
In this corner of France where the Capetian works from the beginning to the homeland, can be traced not only to those who helped him in his great work, but the master himself:

Geoffroy de Nandy accompanied Philip Augustus to the crusade, and date are testament of Acre in 1191, in the fourteenth century, Queen Jeanne d'Evreux, widow of Charles IV the Fair Nandy has the stronghold of his daughter Blanche, Duchess of Orleans, bequeathed by will to the abbey of Pont-aux-Dames.

The feud depended on the abbey until the French Revolution.

This is the fourteenth century that the land reverts to the family Nandy's hands which will remain as long as: Galluccio of the Hospital. These Italian immigrants combine early to larger homes in France. The blood of our marshals seems to attract, as Adrien Rouault marries one of Gamaches and François La Chatre. They enjoy the confidence of kings they serve as cupbearer to the Court or as bailiffs in the province. Their field en Brie rounds where they have also Nandy, Vitry, and Nogent Coubert.


The Town

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