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The Castle of Mitoy

Mitoy Castle, a fortified house was built in the village of Maison Rouge is located in the country of provinnois, Seine-et-Marne.

  This is from the last third of the twelfth century texts indicate buildings called "domus fortis, fortalicium, domus and turris fortis." It is the appearance of fortified houses or house fortifiées1. These buildings, which are not castles (castrum or castellum), are more than mere residence (domus). This will continue largely in the first half of the thirteenth century and ending in the early sixteenth century

They may have the appearance of a solid house with towers or have the appearance of a house built of odds and ends. They are often located on the outskirts of towns along main roads or at the border of a great lord. They belong to the cadets, parents or allies of large manorial families. By definition, they are the homes of the petty aristocracy.
 The Mitoy lordship is divided into two: the Grand and Petit-Mitoy. Its existence is attested since the thirteenth century. The lordship of Mitoy met that of Plessis-to-Tournelles at the end of the fifteenth century. The castle of the Grand Mitoy then in ruins. In 1777, he left the Petit Mitoy a barn, still attested in 1837. The majority of the buildings are built in the nineteenth century. Only the eastern side of the current farm has a more old, with a corner turret building and the remains of the moat that surrounded the garden.

Like the castle served as a model, the holders of fortified houses have sought to imitate it by not repeating that the most significant and most symbols are loaded for the tower and the room. It has a spatial organization modeled on the castle, with its spaces dedicated to privacy ("camera"), its places of sociability ("Aula") and those dedicated to the practice of religion ("Capella") . It reflects the identity of its owner, its level of wealth, its needs, its taste, its status and role in medieval society.

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