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The Castle of Médan

Medan Castle was built on the present town of Medan, which is located in the department of Yvelines.

This former hunting lodge was built in the late fifteenth century on very old dating back to the ninth century. Since the Renaissance, the wind blows literature on these banks of the Seine. The castle was used by Ronsard and the poets of the "Pléiade". Three and a half centuries later, the site attracts and inspires the painter Paul Cézanne. In 1924, Maurice Maeterlinck, Nobel Prize for Literature, in fact his new home. He wrote The Life of Termites, Spider glass and there is play L'Oiseau Bleu.

The original structure, which dates back to the ninth century, the basis for the construction of a hunting lodge
the late fifteenth century, later converted into a castle. Enlarged in the eighteenth century, this castle was the home of the patron of Pierre de Ronsard, frequented by poets of the Pléiade.

  The castle was abandoned after the war, then damaged by fire in 1956, in 1966 the castle became the place of printing the newspaper "Combat" to the famous "Silence is cast!" August 30, 1974.

The newspaper Combat settles until its bankruptcy in 1974.

  Sold at public auction in 1977, for eleven years and then restored by its current owners, the castle of Medan has regained its allure sixteenth century.

It is open for tours by appointment.

Paul Cézanne painted three paintings of the Chateau de Medan, a fourth campaign médanaise and made ​​many drawings. 

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