Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Castle of La Reine-Blanche

The "Castle of the White Queen", located on the west end of the pond Commelles is the iconic building ponds. According to legend, Queen Blanche of Castile allegedly lived there, but there is no evidence that she ever came. Of his life, the building did not yet exist. The proximity of several royal castles (Asnières-sur-Oise, Senlis, Creil, etc..) And his frequent visits to Asnières and Royaumont suggest, however she knew this part of the forest.
Owner of this part of the pond from 1293, Pierre de Chambly, lord of Viarmes built a building flanked by four turrets corbelled. It therefore bears the name of the Lodge Viarmes. Pierre de Chambly was succeeded by John Boulainvilliers, which the Duke of Orleans, Louis I bought the field of Viarmes Lodge in 1406, to make the donation immediately Célestins of Paris, which however from 1412 to sell Abbey Royaumont. The first mention of the mill houses flanking the back to the fifteenth century, but the bulk of his work seems masonry contemporary home.


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