Friday, 18 January 2013

The Castle of Benainvilliers

Benainvilliers Castle was built in Morainvilliers, in the department of Yvelines. The primitive castle and farm, may have been built in the seventeenth century. 1832, Baron Charles Davilliers build a new building on the hill overlooking the castle building is common. It is currently very distorted. New Castle Morainvilliers was completed on the back of a main building and the opening of the hall in the rest of the staircase has been removed.
       At the end of the nineteenth century the granddaughter of Charles Davilliers, Marguerite became a nun, sold the castle to the sisters & Park "Missionaries of Mary." Today, the building houses the holiday home of the Association of "Little poor Brothers", stays help bring moments of happiness to the most deprived people and particularly to older and disabled.

The Town

Itineraries and transport

Chapter I, the world of Castle

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