Friday, 18 January 2013

The Castle of Bailly


 Castle of Bailly was built in the town of Bailly, located in Yvelines, the prosperity of the city, allows the construction of the castle Bailly by Catherine de Saint-Benoist (1526). This castle was completed by the family Ligneris. Theodore Ligneris of the yield in 1571, Albert de Gondi future Marshal de Retz himself, his heirs and successors will continue the improvements by combining properties. The center of interest is Saint Germain before becoming Versailles Vincent de Paul, then tutor to the children of Philippe-Emmanuel de Gondi, residing Villepreux, preaching a mission at the beginning of the Cross Church Street is the memory.
The Fronde password.

Amended several times, the castle is now owned by the Stern Foundation for the rehabilitation of disabled children cerebrovascular engines.

The town

Itineraries and transport

Chapter I, the world of Castle

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