Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Castle of La Couharde

The Castle Couharde nursed built in the town of La Queue-en-Yvelines, located in the department of yvelines.

La Couharde,ownership Brézé legacy goes to Diane de Poitiers before falling to Madame de Miramion, which lends the area of foreign missions fathers before their departure at the end of the world. His uncle, the chancellor de Pontchartrain, that make big work and it is drawing the park by the nephew of Le Nôtre. The estate passed from hand to hand, in the late nineteenth century, Mr. May buys. Deciding to remove the moat and digging the pond, it also undertakes to modernize the castle. This, in very poor condition, was subsequently sold it to a clubhouse and the park is transformed into golf.


The Town

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Itineraries and transport

Chapter I, the world of Castle

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