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Châteaubleau est une commune française, située dans le département de Seine-et-Marne et la région Île-de-France. Les habitants sont appelés les Castelblotins. Selon l'INSEE, la commune recensait 313 en 2008.
 Châteaubleau is currently a typical small rural town of Seine-et-Marne. This city is located near Nangis and Provins. It is also an ancient city, as already Gallo-Romans built many buildings and equipment. Currently, these remains archaeologists volunteers emerge through association law 1901 Riobé. It has already been revealed a theater, fana (places of worship), residential areas and crafts, a water sanctuary ... Unfortunately, this heritage is threatened by lack of means to preserve collections and discoveries may be dispersed by lack of adequate facilities to accommodate them. The inhabitants are mobilized by creating association law 1901 AGRIPPA: Association Gallo-Roman Intercommunale for the Promotion of Archaeological Heritage Châteaubleau


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