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Château-Landon is a French commune, located in the department of Seine-et-Marne and the region Ile-de-France. The gentiles are Châteaulandonnais and Châteaulandonnaises. According to INSEE, the town lived 2083 persons in 2008.

Occupation of the site since prehistoric times: nearly two prehistoric sites, where it was discovered neolithic tools, it is estimated that the origin of the city dates back to this time. The Gauls build a oppidum on a rocky outcrop. -52 BC. BC Julius Caesar made ​​the seat. 504 returning Lutetia where he had been cured King Clovis, St. Severin died there. An abbey in his name will be erected and the city became the site of an annual pilgrimage. Plantagenet dynasty was born in Château-Landon in 1043 with the birth of Fulk IV of Anjou, said Rechin, grand-son of the Count of Anjou. The city belongs to the "pagus Wastinensis" (latin name = Gâtinais Gâtines countries) whose Château-Landon is the capital.


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