Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Castle of Nemours

The castle of Nemours, located in the town of Nemours in the extreme south of the Paris region in the department of Seine-et-Marne,  is a fortress built in the twelfth century on the left bank of the Loing, at an ancient watchtower. This building is one of the few castles city, in Île-de-France,  come down to us . Unlike the castles built at the same time, he escaped at the end of royalty with the relationship of the lords of de Nemours with it.

Transformed into Museum Fine Arts, Castle  in 1903, houses a rich collection of over 20,000 works. The museum consists of a remarkable fund of graphic arts  (prints, drawings) and photographs as well as paintings and sculptures iconic art of the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Many donations during the twentieth century have enriched the collection: local archeology, natural sciences, coins, tapestries, ceramics revolutionary.

The Castle Museum Nemours been a classification as historical monuments since February 10, 1977


The Town

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Chapter I, the world of Castle

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