Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Festivities and Dances

Parties held over the centuries the palace of Versailles are exemplary moments in the history of the palace and in the history of art.
Since its construction, instead of staging royal form part of lavish entertainment that take both their magnificence of the scenery and in return contribute to its brilliance. This affinity stems from the sense of movement and decorative excess carried by any party - prominent characters of Baroque art - in full agreement with the architecture of the castle.
In 1664, Louis XIV at Versailles inaugurates the first of a long series of "fun". This clearly underlines the political intention in his memoirs for the instruction of the Dauphin. While this design original is lost or changing the practice of parties to the palace, long after him through kingdoms and regimes, the Versailles Baroque is now inextricably linked to the principle of party.
Today, the Republic organizes galas at Versailles, and large firms rent rooms, galleries and opera for luxurious private events.
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