Friday, 30 December 2011

The skylights

- What is a Skylight;?

A skylight is a bay located vertically projecting from the slope of a roof, to give the day, ventilation and / or access to the full. The window consists of a vertical front, two sides (called "cheeks" or "played") and coverage usually 2 or 3 slopes (rump) forming valleys with the tail of main roof. The window frame is a work of which depends on the roof, although its facade may be masonry.
Skylights can grow, the large-window includes several windows and is the culmination of a main building. A skylight illuminates several multi-level floors of height.

( Wikipédia)

* Skylight Gothic of Castle of Amboise

* Skylight Gothic of Castle of Chambord

* Skylight Gothic of Hotel des Sens, in Paris (Library Forney)

* Skylight of Castle Of Rambouillet

* A window of castle of Fontainebleau

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