Friday, 30 December 2011

A Romantic Color to the Towns (of Ile de France region)

Far from the city, its tourist hills, far from his "fast" here in 25, 30 km of Paris, has been arrested! Time, space, life, ... Only the clouds, butterflies ephemeral fauna and flora such thoughts poetic, live and exhale carelessly to this osmosis so fragile, so beautiful and exhilarating at once.

Conflans Sainte-Honorine


There, a top a mountain, hill, a vestige of the castle, an enclosure, stands proudly, boldly and poetically of the valley. Nearby, a fortified farmhouse welcomes and invites the visitor to wander around a picturesque path, which, in the midst of trees and greenery enlighten souls to a more human, outrageously rich in history and techniques such traditional carpentry, molding, crafts in a word, under the aegis of the foundation Coubertin! (

Places and the Ile-de-France and France relies heavily, even though at the time of globalization, which alone account yield and industrialization, they transmetttent and sign a long time to know and that leave granted in the hearts of many fine sentiments and looks pretty good ...

The website of the town:

A beautiful project, which will revive the pomp of French royalty, the Art in Architecture! Rebuilt Saint-Cloud, the Castle!!!

Congratulations Mr Laurent Bouvet!!

To learn more about the project;

The project site created by Laurent Bouvet, President of "Reconstruisons Saint-Cloud !"
27, rue Saint-Ferdinand
75017 Paris, Le projet sur Facebook:, Les amis du parc de saint-cloud:

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