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The world of Castles for the childrens

A few of History.... What's a castle, when were they created?

In the ninth century, the Edict of Pîtres encourages the construction of fortresses to deal with Scandinavian invasions that threaten western France. The proliferation of castles meets an environment of insecurity: Viking raids and Saracens, then violence petty lords robbers threaten farmers and their crops. These castles are initially under the authority of the counts and dukes, who are delegates of the king in "regions" (pagi). These representatives are autonomous principalities and entrust their fortresses to delegates (Viscounts, provosts, centurions, officers lords). The eleventh and twelfth centuries, they usurp the prerogatives of public (to administer justice, raise an army, collect taxes). Estate shares accentuate the fragmentation of power. They build illegally, castles: the late twelfth century, there were about 150 in Provence, 130 in Catalonia, 110 in Picardy.

- This link'll take you to the largest Castles in the Ile-de-France, towards the discovery of all the Castles of the Ile-de-France, the remains of castles, the royal cities, etc. ..... In music, have a good trip ....... You will find dungeons, castles, forts, castles, castles a bit more classic than the great chateaux of the Ile-de-France, the royal cities like Versailles, the cities of Art and History etc. ....

- This link'll take you to videos of castles, you will find tours of castles such as Chambord, the Loire Castles, Versailles, Castles, etc ...

- This link'll take you to views inside castles;

- This link'll take you to names and Castles (Somes names associated with castles, like Louis XIV and the Castle of Versailles)

- This link'll take you to somes poems of this period

- Somes Parks and Gardens

Here you will discover the most beautiful parks and gardens of the Ile-de-France

- Somes path to the ornementation

The ornementation (decoration) of a facade, Castle or Cathedral, too, is revealing of an era, a style, each different, each one has its charms and roads .. .

- Somes styles of Castles in Ile de France

Just like the decoration, styles of castles are also indicative of their times, the choices of their owners, they too express many things, many ways ...

- The Art

The art, art is everywhere, it is now around you, in the street, on posters, through the statues, movies, comics, etc ...

As lulled by the charming, confident, conquering, castles, royal, stately, even those who lodged the kings of France, the lords, monarchs, were in their time, and with time passing, privileged witnesses of a royal life, a life that is extraordinary, which gave rise to so many things ... Such as some paths to guide your way, your choice to castles ......

A path to the more biggest Castles in Ile de France

A path to the Castles (fortress), their construction

Somes path to the Art, Castles (Artistic style)

- 1st Path, the discovery and understanding of the castles.

Initially follow the links to the videos,

Then, to the names and the Castles,

Then, to get to understand them, to the ornementation,

And the styles of Castles,
and if the hearth say you, to the Art...

- 2nd Path, The understanding of art, of the construction of castle (The presentation of a castle, apoetic link, the Art, the Sculptur, the construction of a Castle-Fortress-)

Initially, follow the link to an overview of castles,

Then this poetic link,

Then this link to Art,

To the Sculpture,

To the construction of a Castle (fortress),

- 3rd Path, The world of the Middle Ages (The royal castles, fortifications, towers, castles Ile-de-France, several forts, fortresses and medieval towns in France.)

Go to this link, the royal castles,

Then to the fortifications,
To the dungeons in Ile-de-France,

To the Castles of Ile de France, the royal castles, the castles build-destroyed, the pictures of castles, etc....

To the forts, fortresses, medieval towns in France

To the aqueducts, tanks,

Somes names associed of Castles :

- Louis le Vau

- Charles Lebrun
-Le Notre

- Jules-Hardouin Mansart

- François Ier

- Colbert

- Henri IV

- Marie de Médicis

- Louis XIV

- Madame de Pompadour

Links :

To go to the Castles, the events, the shows, the tourism, the dungeons, the remains,....

Chapter I, the world of Castle

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