Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pictures of Modern Architecture

From there to the Royal Architecture, Renaissance, Castles, Monuments and Heritage, Modern Architecture, fragile-looking, umbrella big plans, great ideas, is launching its lines and curves at the highest, as the peaks disheveled Chambord bursting sky and clouds passing .....

It has established itself, give rise to large architectural lines ever built, never equaled, this one launched a vigorous momentum that will leave room for highways and futuristic fantasy.....

A few, in the Ile-de-France, in World ....

In Ile-de-France:


Pictures of World

A pictures path near somes news Towns:

Near the construction....

An audioguide to La Défense:

The news of Bouygues society:

The greatest achievements of the world of Bouygues construction society:

The website of Vinci Group:

Construction of Vinci Group

Old postcards of paris showing new art

Association "A Historic and Touristic path in Ile de France", un chemin Historique et Touristique en Ile-de-France:

The website of the Association:

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