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The royal castles of the 13th century

- Beaumont sur Oise

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- Compiègne

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- Dourdan

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- Gisors

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- La Ferté-Millon

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- Montlhéry

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- Paris, Le Louvre

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- Saint-Germain-en-Laye

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- Vert Saint-Denis

The castle of Petit-Jard

The hamlet of Petit-Jard in the twelfth century had a royal castle. This is where the Queen Alix, third wife of Louis VII the Younger, had given birth, August 22, 1165, to Philip, who would be crowned king in 1179 and reigned under the name of Philippe Auguste. According to sources, the rulers, to be thankful that they no longer hoped birth, have vowed to found a royal abbey to the Petit Jard. In any event, the foundation took place in 1194. But their name is also attached to the Abbey of Barbeau, the port town of Fontaine, which they richly endowed at the time, and when Louis VII was buried in a tomb sumptuous ...

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- Vincennes

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- Vivières

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I. The Castles in the royal estate

- Mez le maréchal

- Diant

- The Castle of challeau

- Nangis

- Grandpuits

- Luzarches

- The Castle of Montfort à Montfort-l'Amaury

- The castle of the hunting (De la chasse)

- Town of Louvres, The Castle of Orville

- Béthemont

-Arnouville-les-Mantes, the Castle of Binanville

- The Castles of Montjoye et Retz, are in the forest of Marly.

II. Castles missing the field at Royal XIII Century:

- Binanville

- Bray

- Crécy-en-Brie

- Crève-Coeur-en-Brie

- Lagny-sur-Marne

- La Montjoye

- Le Plessis aux Tournelles

- Louvres,the Castle of Orville

- Meaux

- Montereau

- Mortcerf

- Oulchy-le-Château

- Retz

A beautiful project that will revitalize the pomp of French royalty, the Art in Architecture!

Congratulations Mr Laurent Bouvet!

To learn more about the project, a few words and links are available:

Project Rebuild St. Cloud is a project of economic self-financing (to see on Facebook), an economic, self-funded, part of a sustainable development approach.

Generating tourism flows - and therefore economic flows - the heritage is par excellence creates jobs directly and more indirectly, thus contributing greatly to the enrichment of a country.

This is why - especially in view of the Grand Paris - the reconstruction of the castle of Saint-Cloud is all the more as evidence that, located on the axis the most touristic of the planet .... Read after;

The project site created by Laurent Bouvet, President of "Rebuild St. Cloud!"
27, rue Saint-Ferdinand
75017 Paris, Le projet sur Facebook:, The friends of parc de saint-cloud:

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Chapter I, the world of Castle

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