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A Romantic path of Ile-de-France country

From the top of a mountain, a hill, a steep pitch here and there clothed with trees just as flamboyant as each other, a landscape on the horizon letting our imagination foraging kilometers ahead. ..
Is a viaduct crossing a river, above which, like a miniature toy, casually RER runs from station to station until it died at the foot of the valley in a tunnel ....

There, on the left, a few tens of kilometers of Defense, the vast Ile runs during long steps, above the rivers, plains, hills and green mountains, at whose feet, beautiful historic cities were born and have grown over the centuries and years to become today, Rueil-Malmaison, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Carrières-sur-Seine, poissy ....

Long hours, meter by meter, mile after mile, the forest reveals his inner feelings, beauty, chivalry, which a few centuries behind us planted his mark, his birth certificate ...
Because sometimes some landscapes, some parts of the West region of Paris may give rise to a host of feelings, a lot of emotions interspersed with everyday life, contemporary and made ​​more or less illuminated that marked an era, an era special ... . In beauty and excess, rather bombastic, both in its artistic, architectural history that, whole lines, romantic and eventful paths have created and led to large waves languid and stately long to come tinted pages of daily reading through which, many adventures have taken place, there are lost ....

Castle of Hénonville

Following its lines, curves, turns, takes the Paris region to the walker lands rich, flourishing and green. Lands which, on the edge of a forest, a forest on the edge of a meadow, reveal their majestueusités like the Vexin.

A royal, stately, radiant and tourism, its natural, historical, reveals its beauty to tourists chivalrous, Dante, who, at the foot of a long stretch of water, on which here and there stately swans and col-green preparing for the flight, leaving the heart of this vast body of water, a romantic image, without which long ago and still today, this heritage could not cultivate his romantic side ...

Castle of Ecouen

Castle of Pierrefonds

The same man who had for decades and centuries as well, its prosperity, its character, its conquest ...

Is presented here as a castle so bold, so small, just like Vigny perched there in the depths of a village not far from Cergy, like the castle near the Marais de Saint-Cheron, who, in a burst of generosity, coupled with Baville and Lardy, flirt and communicate with and Etampes Dourdan ...

Flowers large area of arms and trophies, Yvelines, neighboring department, based in Paris Region on a throne history, through which many facts and harm too much envy and rivalry "courteous", came here and this plant, forever, and when the shields of a powerful country with sensual charms and noble.
How Duke, Archduke of, Earl of scholars and men of power or himself again in the image of Versailles, Fontainebleau, Ecouen, came, stayed here and there for decades and even now, have shimmer with wealth and built a prosperous here ... The same that surrounds, protects, in a maze of walls, curbs and walls, the heart of a region, country-style chivalry ....

How about more reminiscent of such sites Chamarande, Ferrieres, Blandy-les-Tours, Villarceaux, Farcheville, Latainville, Hénonville, Bourron-Malotte, and there, not far from the Oise and the Eure Loiret, other sizes royal sit there for ages, centuries, in the image of Pierrefonds, Chantilly, a large royal estate.

Castle of Ermenonville

Large detours as necessary to the ruins, to the uninhabited, abandoned, through which, as in Marly-le-Roi, many times (Faith), many laws have cast down here, have left there burst long trails of powder, long periods of diplomacy, in which many kinds have been abolished, were closed and determined, too.
Their images, a little clouded by the architectural splendor of the kingdom of France, are also charming, alluring, generous sites "known".

Their wealth spread around Paris, often come flirt with the edge of a wood at the edge of a lake, a park or field. Their styles lead the tourist, our imagination and historical images to a long and great moments of history, which often left up to facts, dates and footprints engraved forever in the lives of history .. Through the novels also wrote adventure, as Alexandre Dumas is leaving her imagination flow to the heart of a castle said Monte Cristo, which shimmer is our senses, our emotions, our heart, the essence of a country, a continent ...

Here, large flocks of pigeons, a romantic break, a pond surrounded by greenery immmaculé and majestic trees, draw a landscape worthy of the Ile-de-France, which, because of its natural diversity, flowering setting, conceals a number of landscapes of all kinds.
Sometimes immaculate, sometimes built of large and long buildings that look like sheds, or processed by BIA, in industrial area, its regional long stretches open the doors to many things, many landscape architecture that nature, despite its large and majestic floral composition can not be brought forth ..
The hand of man, sculpts, leads, raging, passions, beauty, chimeras, talents, which, despite the passing centuries, always leaves an imprint, a design ....

Municipalities, large or small, let them also burst their charms, when at the edge of a decade in the early 70's, big and brave project were able to hatch entire cities and communities such Marne-la Vallée, Melun-Senart, Cergy-Pontoise, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.
Melun-Sénart has conquered the forest walker
Marne-la-Vallee has conquered the world "delighted"
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines has conquered its markets, its modern beauty.
Cergy-Pontoise, a stronghold of knowledge and entrepreneurship, established itself, to diversify and give rise to a site, momentum rose, the major axis of France, who for long years been discussed as the meridian of Paris between England and France.

Castle of vigny

Castle of Pierrefonds

Castle of Ecouen

Castle of Monte Christo.

Castle of Vigny

Castle of Ermenonville

Link of castle of Marais

Castle of Dourdan

Castle of Hénonville

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