Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Romantic colour to Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Build there at the top of a limestone plateau overlooking the valley in Paris looking disheveled and towers that make up the defense, his ways romantic, chivalrous draw on the sides and front of the castle long edging tiles, which joined end to end like a maze steep entice the visitor and took him to the splendor of royalty. It was a little more lively, a little more fruitful than in another part of the Paris region. Castles abound, the Vexin, facing the Brie, reveals its gems, its nooks and crannies his charmers ...

Théméricourt, U.S., Auvers, Vigny, here are some royal-sounding names that are the fruit, the children of this kingdom, which for many years sitting in his power, his greatness to the west of Paris near the Dukes of Orleans, Dukes of Epernon ....

The castle of Saint-Germain-en-Laye was one of the principal residences of the kings of France from Louis VI le Gros, to Louis XIV. The present building, in Renaissance style, was rebuilt under Francis I and restored under Napoleon III. It retains a beautiful Sainte Chapelle (thirteenth century) and a Gothic tower of the fourteenth century. Today it houses the National Museum of Archaeology.

The terrace of the castle built by Le Nôtre in 1669 to 1674, extends in a straight line on 2400 meters long and 30 wide [92]. It connects the center of Saint-Germain at the castle of Val. Overlooking the Seine valley towards Pecq, it offers a clear view of the towers of La Defense and Paris.

The Chateau-Neuf of Henry II and Henry IV, destroyed at the end of the eighteenth century, the only remaining notable is the former King's oratory, which was born according to tradition, King Louis XIV, which is included today 'Today in the Pavilion Henri IV.

A beautiful project that will revitalize the pomp of French royalty, the Art in Architecture!

Congratulations Mr Laurent Bouvet!!

To learn more about the project, a few words and links are available:

Project Rebuild St. Cloud is a project of economic self-financing (to see on Facebook), an economic, self-funded, part of a sustainable development approach.

Generating tourism flows - and therefore economic flows - the heritage is par excellence creates jobs directly and more indirectly, thus contributing greatly to the enrichment of a country.

This is why - especially in view of the Grand Paris - the reconstruction of the castle of Saint-Cloud is all the more as evidence that, located on the axis the most touristic of the planet .... Thereafter;

The project site created by Laurent Bouvet, President of "Rebuild St. Cloud!" "Reconstruisons Saint-Cloud" (The Castle)
27, rue Saint-Ferdinand
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