Monday, 8 August 2011

A Romantic colour to the Forest of Ile de France

There, in the Paris region, along a river, down a bank, life is otherwise enchanting, almost idyllic ...
There, on the edge of a forest, a forest, the deer cleared the day, the full enjoyment of their space in the evening. Autumn, winter, spring and summer stir feelings, desires, too, when the cache, not far from a clearing near a blue-green edging flowing gently into a river , a river, a squirrel painted brown / light brown, shriveled twirls in front of an owl ....
Here, long trails, tall peaks, rolling glades, enticing the sun from morning till night, when, at the dawn of the night, a group of boar scalds strong places, the flora and fauna surrounding ... Is a cry, a distinctive sign or not, is this a bird, a pheasant, here, there, a woodpecker, there a few miles of the leaves flutter in a wave of transient eddies endless ....

- The web site of ONF (National Office Forest):

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- Tourism office of chantilly, the forest:

- An association of backup of forest of Chantilly:

- The country of Fontainebleau, the forest:

- Looknature, the forest of Sénart:

A beautiful project that will revitalize the pomp of French royalty, the Art in Architecture!

Congratulations Mr Laurent Bouvet!!

To learn more about the project, a few words and links are available:

Project Rebuild St. Cloud is a project of economic self-financing (to see on Facebook), an economic, self-funded, part of a sustainable development approach.

Generating tourism flows - and therefore economic flows - the heritage is par excellence creates jobs directly and more indirectly, thus contributing greatly to the enrichment of a country.

This is why - especially in view of the Grand Paris - the reconstruction of the castle of Saint-Cloud is all the more as evidence that, located on the axis the most touristic of the planet .... Thereafter;

The project site created by Laurent Bouvet, President of "Rebuild St. Cloud!" "Reconstruisons Saint-Cloud"
27, rue Saint-Ferdinand
75017 Paris project on Facebook: friends of Park of Saint-Cloud:

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