Sunday, 7 August 2011

A romantic colour to the Castles

There, not far from Paris, at Saint-Cloud, for example, castles, royal or manorial are there, still present, such as buildings grandilocantes sitting atop a hill of a mountain ...

The area of ​​St. Cloud, whose castle was destroyed a few decades ago that, overlooking the city, which, below, sits like a miniature at the gates of Paris.
The area of ​​Saint-Cloud, wearing a long coat and wearing a green architecture ...., Leaves in a second barely escaped in the middle of a downpour cascading fountains, ornate and carved chimeras, control for the good of all ...

By continuing above, to the forest itself, a driveway, cut, carved, takes the visitor to many other countries and cities like Port-Marly, Rueil, Saint-Germain en Laye. Straight back to the old castle which skirts the town, a few kilometers past the field and headquarters is the castle of Val, who, in an architectural momentum, launching a mischievous wink to that which was and is his master , his elder ...... The old castle of Saint-Germain-en-Laye ....

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