Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Romantic colour of Boissy-Saint-Léger

A few strides from the station, The estate of Gros Bois home to his castle. Nearby, large royal paths lead their steps towards the bowels of the estate.

Not far away, via the road or the trails surrounding the castle of Maréchal de Saxe
(especially hotels Hotel Group symbol of France) flanked by two quadrilaterals whose feet a body of water surrounds defensive, like a beam safe, the castle and its outbuildings, sits there in the middle of a forest.

A few miles, The town of Yerres, lost in a romantic valley, lets out its beauty to the eye distraught .. Downtown, at the foot of the town hall (ancient Beauregard castle built in the 19th century by Aurélien Benoiston) l'Yerresrun at the center of the historic city, making a nod to a tomb of General de Gaulle.

The Town

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