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Medieval Festivals and Markets

- The web site of the association "Gardens and Castles (jardins et châteaux)" lists 23 masterpieces in the Ile-de-France, brings together all the events taking place in castles, lists all the gardens and parks, etc ... A site very interesting and complete:

All events that have locations in the Castles of Ile-de-France:

♦   June

Le 03 et 04

* Dourdan (91), town where there's a famous fortified-castle, médiéval festivals

Le 04 et 05

* Villarceaux (95)Visit of Ninon Manor

 Le 06 et 07

* Villarceaux (95), Le temps des jardins (time of garden)

Le 09 et 10

* Reims (51), Festival of Champagne

Le 17

* Reims (51),  medieval Tournament

Le 24

* Tournan-en-Brie (77), Fantastic medieval market

Le 24 et 25

* Provins (77), 34e Médiévales

* Guernes (78), fête médiévale

♦   July

- Du 01 au 31/08

* Blois (41), Show of fencing at the castle

- Du 08 au 27/08

* Meung-sur-Loire (45), Moments of history at the Castle

Le 12, 19, 26

* Nogent-le-Rotrou (28), Heritage and garden workshop

 ♦   August


* Villers-Cotterêts (02), Legends in Retz Forest

Le 27

* Villers-Cotterêts (02) 

The cries of Retz forest ,
walk to the installation of the castle

Walk around castle

♦   October

- Le 07, 08

* Brie-Comte-Robert (77), "La Médiévale"

* Meung-sur-Loire (45), Fashion-week historic in castle

In Provins throughout the year, here is the program all the year;

At the historic Towns around Paris 

ж   In Beauvais  ;

ж   In Chartres  ;

ж   In Châteaux-Thierry  ;

ж   In Compiègne  ;

ж   In Coucy-Auffrique  ;

 ж  In Creil  ;

ж   In Dreux  ;

ж  In Meaux;

Historical show of the Town

ж   In Orléans  ;

ж   In Senlis  ;

ж   In Soissons  ;

ж   In  Sully sur Loire  ;

ж   In Troyes  ;

Conferences, courses, workshops, medieval sites,etc...:

- Medieval site

- Généralist internet website

- Volunteers search (archeological) and work experience

- The foundation of heritage

- Archéa, archeology in country of  France

- On Archéologia magazine

- Medieval site for who, why?

*  Pictures of archéology


- Castle of Versailles:
Web site of castle of versailles:

Calendar of Annual show at the Castle:

Area of Chamarande:
Modern Art at the Castle

Castle of Champs sur Marne (77):

Le Château de Chantilly (60):

Le Château de Coucy (02):

Le Domaine de Courson (91):

Le Château de Dourdan (91):

Le Château d'Ecouen (95):

The Castle of Ferrières (77):
Exhibition of paintings and sculptures

The Castle of Fontainebleau (77):

- The town of Gisors (27):


The Castle of Jossigny (77):

The Castle of Maintenon (28):

The Castle of La Malmaison (92):

The Castle of Pierrefonds (60):

The Castle of Rambouillet (77):

Area and park of Saint-Cloud (92):
Festivals and concerts

The field of Sceaux (92):

The Castle of Sully-sur Loire (45):

The Castle of  Vaux-le-Vicomte (77):

The Field of Villarceaux (95 ):

Castle of Vincennes (94):
tales and stories

*  The show (Festival, show, animations, concerts, etc...) during the year in the Castles of Ile-de-France region:

The Castles and the tourism:

Tourism Office:

Tales, tours, movies and medieval show in Castle of Barbe Bleue in Tiffauges 85130:

Website Flâner, bouger (Markets, brocante, Fairs, Festivity, Medievals festival)

* Tourism audioguides, travel near Ile-de-France region:,+audioguide+ile+de+france&start=0

The Castles, the Tourism...;

The world of Castle

Itinéraries and transports

Association "Un Chemin Historique et Touristique en Ile-de-France":

- The website of the Association:

A beautiful project, which will revive the splendors of French royalty, at the Art, at the Architecture!

Congratulations Mr Laurent Bouvet!

To learn more about the project, a few words and links are available:

The Project Rebuild St. Cloud is an economic project, self-funded (to see on Facebook) is part of a sustainable development approach.

Generating tourism flows - and hence economic flows - the heritage, by excellence is creator of direct jobs and more indirect , thus contributing greatly to the enrichment of a country.

This is why - especially in view of Greater Paris - the reconstruction of the castle of Saint-Cloud is all the more obvious as that located on the axis of the planet most tourist .... Thereafter;

The project site created by Laurent Bouvet, President of "Rebuild St. Cloud!", "Reconstruisons Saint-Cloud !"
27, rue Saint-Ferdinand
75017 Paris

 Le projet sur Facebook:

Les amis du parc de Saint-Cloud:

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