Friday, 12 August 2011

A look (romantic) at the sight of the castles .,....

As lulled by the charming, confident, conquering, castles, royal, stately, even those who lodged the kings of France, the lords, monarchs, were in their time, and with time passing, privileged witnesses of a royal life, a life that is extraordinary, which gave rise to so many things ...

There, at the end, high up, near the park, trees posed such a long trappings, roofs, chimneys draw them as well of feelings, colors, through which, like Chambord, their burst peaks at the sky, the clouds and take with them, lightning, beauty, devilish sense, the long winter time, which strongly cooled, spring leaves, two, three nets heat, smoke gray as the sky, clouds, welcome with joy, with full ...
This smoke - it is good, it does not pollute, it leaves many things rather reflected a decision regard, Director, luminescence ....

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