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The fortifications

In the mid-3rd century, after the great invasions barabara, a new policy of fortification came engage in Gaul. The right to fortify the privilege right par excellence, and was delegated to municipalities.

Monumental sets were built in the late 3rd century, the defense system of fortifications was born, this to continue for centuries more. Ile de France, some fortifications still visible today date from this period, the vast majority date from the 10th, 11th century and more obviously.

Extensive period of the war in Europe during which rushes such barbaric Goths, Batavia, Saxons, Germans, etc. .., threw their vested and vigor to new lands.
These years of struggle, war and conquest were incessant, over time, leaving hatch new frontiers, new skills ...
From century to century, decade after decade, they have created and shaped the world we know.
Some cities, such as Lutece, who were on top of a hill or a mountain, could benefit from a little more time to build their fortifications. However, the requirement was de rigueur when, even more valiantly, hordes vainquèrent these wild peaks.
Thus, the burden of enormous responsibility of its work widely to local taxpayers. To help reduce costs, the erection of small plots of 10 to 20 hectares was chosen, thus protecting public buildings. For example, the Ile de la Cité des Parisi, Lutetia, was caulked leaving bare the city that stood there in the hands of barbarians.

The fortifications of vauban

The fortifications

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