Sunday, 7 August 2011

A colour Romantic to the French Treasure

Here sow, at two fingers of a mist, a dew, a ray of sunshine,long disheveled burst peaks nonchalantly sky and clouds. A few miles away, near a large body of water looking like royalty, the languor of a flight of a wild goose paint in one second ago, a rosy picture, a romantic picture ...
Brick by brick, inch by inch, like distinguished strategists armed with faith and fervor unnamed,companions builders,  build  with strength and skill, a stony skeleton,which piecemeal sprang to heights  insurmountable.
Their technic,  shaped, sculpted, carved, we tell a lot of sections of history of art,  of history of France and romantic fervor ...

In the depths of their flesh, their souls, his fellow builders have managed to tell us, to show us many things both stylistically and aesthetically, as a technical construction hardcore .. For centuries and centuries, against all odds, their footprints, their knowledge and both have awakened in us our deepest feelings, the most fragile ...

Here, a cross vault ribs, stairs, let out their stylistic splendor here, details and ornamentation of stately architecture, there, a stronghold, an area a city, let our imaginations run to the best jewels of French heritage, castles and castles ....

- Pierrefonds, a fortress to an architectural folly:

- Chartres:

- Saint-Denis:

- The rebuild of fort-Boyard:

- A path near another Castles:


Association "An historic and touristic path in Ile-de-France region", "Un chemin Historique et Touristique en Ile-de-France":

The web site of the Association:

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