Saturday, 6 August 2011

A romantic color to the Castles

A long steep path, taken along a path or driveway paved through the forest, leading in a few hours, to the foundations of our feudal castles and romantic, which, scattered here and there come in one long or short time reminds us, brings us back to historical times, ancestral ...
Time in which lordship, royalty and ordinary people animating the population, born of the royal domain up from the tenth century by the Capetian kings. Its boundaries have varied through the end of the Ancien Regime. This province extended to the west and especially the north and was less extensive than today towards the east and south. It formed the area of economic interest of corporations market of Paris, who helped fix the contours. It was cut as a result of the Revolution, into three departments: Seine, Seine-et-Oise and Seine-et-Marne.

This long path taken, surrounded by undergrowth suggests four, five blue flowers which leaves us a sense of calm, serenity and dreams mixed ...
Sometimes in the middle of a clearing, a path, driveway, a squirrel "jumps" along the trunk when suddenly a mighty leap he travels from branch to branch, from tree to tree. ..

The birds singing, poetic ballet of butterflies in a second ago, fly to happiness and freedom, we burn a lot of time in subtle ...
The castles and mansions of our beautiful and vast region, are in the depths of ourselves, our senses awake the deepest ... Even if they are large, majestic, dressed in long chimneys pricked, which is a bunch of rock break through the blue sky, whether from the Gothic era, romantic renaissance all, really all of us on a journey farthest from ourselves ... And interlacing maze of stone and the Middle Ages, through which many events, campaigns and many emotions came in turn enlighten us and the pages of our history books ...

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