Sunday, 7 August 2011

Chapter I, the world of Castle

- The Royal and stately Castles:

- The great Castles around Paris:

- Castles-Castel-Castellum...

- Castles-Story:

- Castles-Fortified:

- Castles, Castles-Fortress, Dungeons:

- Castles, styles, views:

- Castles in Links

- The Castles in Paris:

- The Castle of Versailles:

- Pictures of Castle of Versailles

- The visitable Castles, Castles, Medieval Festivals...

- Versailles, Lully, the king, the Music and the dance

- Portraits of Castles...

- Portraits of Dungeons

- The Castles Build-Destroyed

- The remains of Castles

- Pictures of Castles, Paris and Art

- Media Castles

- The medievals festivals

- The Town, the medieval shows in Provins ( Provins is lively shows, animations like the Puy du Fou. Provins is a city that really exists with its inhabitants, which is by no means an amusement park, unlike the Puy du Fou. It's the only city in France who lives by and for the medieval ).

- Poetry and Chivalry

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