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The castle of Rambouillet

The Castle of Rambouillet, in French le Château de Rambouillet

The Castle of Rambouillet, the colorful aspect of its architecture, evokes his English garden but did not reach a harmonious balance. The building has had through the ages, many owners who have ordered changes more practical and aesthetically. In the eighth century, which is the Chateau de Rambouillet, was at best accommodation in the middle of a forest abounded in game. The place takes its name from a stream, or the Rambeuil Ramba.

Pepin the Short (715-768) gives the home in 768 the monks of the Abbey of Saint Denis.
Two and a half centuries later, the forest is within the royal domain. Rambouillet then benefits from a large clearing. In the thirteenth century the parish has 150 members whose activities are most likely directly related to the work of the forest.
Then, under Charles V (1338-1380), a large bourgeois Parisian Jean Bernier, bought for 700 pounds which is now a manor and in fact a castle.

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