Monday, 1 August 2011

The Castle of Ecouen

Located on a small hill overlooking the plain of France, Château d'Écouen is one of the masterpieces of the French Renaissance as well as Chambord, Chenauceau and many other castles of the Loire.

We must present castle to the constable Anne de Montmorency, close companion of kings François I and Henri II, and the richest landowner of his day, who undertakes to rebuild the fortress of his ancestors from the late 1530s.

Castle Écouen would cross the centuries.

The descendants of the constable kept the castle until 1632. At that time the small-son of the constable, Henri II de Montmorency, was beheaded by order of Richelieu, Louis XIII and confiscated the castle and gave it to Charlotte d'Angouleme, sister of the Duke executed.

In 1696 the castle passed by inheritance to Henri-Jules de Bourbon, son of the Grand Conde, and remained in the possession of this family until the Revolution.

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