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The Castles in Paris

- Le castle of Louvre


- The Castle of Louvre in 15th Century




- The Castle or Palace of Tuileries



- The castle of the Cité who became the conciergerie



- The fortress of Bastille



- The castle of the Tournelle

The castle was once located in the location of the restaurant La Tour d'Argent

- The castle of the Reine Blanche
Currently visible in 4 rue Gustave Geffroy Paris 13

The castle:

- The Abbey Centre of Saint-Germain-des-Prés

The palace is actually the institut of catholic of Paris


- The castle of La Muette

The district of La Muette was once a favorite place of the French nobility. Its castle hosted among others the Queen Margot, Louis XIII or Louis XVI and his young wife Marie Antoinette. The Château de la Muette in 1949 became the headquarters of the OEEC. Since 1961, he was one of the seats in the OECD. The headquarters of the OECD is currently under renovation. See the model of the castle and its surroundings after renovation in 2008.
Walking through the gardens of Ranelagh, the visitor can even set foot in the old castle grounds.

The medieval history of the Château de la Muette

The current history of the castle of La Muette:

- The castle of Beauregard

On the hill of Chaillot, the country seat was purchased by Catherine de Medici in 1583. She went under the name "Château de Chaillot" and was destroyed in 1794.

His history;
Located outside of Paris until the nineteenth century, the hill of Chaillot is chosen by Catherine de Medici in the sixteenth century to house his home craft, acquired by Marshal Bassompierre. Shortly thereafter, the Convent of the Visitation of Holy Mary is high.

Napoleon built a palace on this site dedicated to the King of Rome, in terms of Percier and Fontaine. But the fall of the Empire leads to stop work, only the bridge of Jena is then completed.
In the mid-nineteenth century, instead of Chaillot is fitted and during the exhibition of 1878, Hill hosts a Moorish-style building, the Palais du Trocadero, replaced in 1937 by the current Palais de Chaillot which is facing the tower Eiffel, a remnant of the exhibition of 1900, installed in the middle of the Champs de Mars.


The history of Paris


The Heritage


Map of Paris in 1615

Somes Castles:

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Chapter I, the world of Castle

Itineraries and transport

A beautiful project that will revitalize the pomp of French royalty, the Art in Architecture!

bravo Mr Laurent Bouvet!!

To learn more about the project, a few words and links are available:

Project Rebuild St. Cloud is a project of economic self-financing (to see on Facebook), an economic, self-funded, part of a sustainable development approach.

Generating tourism flows - and therefore economic flows - the heritage is par excellence creates jobs directly and more indirectly, thus contributing greatly to the enrichment of a country.

This is why - especially in view of the Grand Paris - the reconstruction of the castle of Saint-Cloud is all the more as evidence that, located on the axis the most touristic of the planet .... Thereafter;

The site of the project of Laurent Bouvet,Président of "Reconstruisons Saint-Cloud !" "Rebuild Saint-Cloud"

27, rue Saint-Ferdinand
75017 Paris

http://www.reconstruisonssaintcloud.fr/pagedaccueil.html, Le projet sur Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=46321139735&v=wall&ref=mf, Les amis du parc de saint-cloud:

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