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Around the Castles and the medieval times

La Roche-Guyon, Castle and town:

Overlooking the banks of the Seine, La Roche-Guyon, carved in stone was owned by a man named Guy who was killed by his brother.
Nearby, a short distance on the slope of the cliff, a large house equipped with rare openings lay there in the wild ...

The Rose Gardens in Seine et Marne:

The origin of rose plantations in Seine-et-Marne is difficult to date but from the thirteenth century, large rose gardens are created around Provins at the initiative of Thibaud IV, Count of Brie and Champagne.

Christophe Cochet (1777-1819), which installs its first rose garden Grisy-Suisnes in 1802 with the support of Admiral de Bougainville, is behind a long line of gardeners, nurseries and rose growers and to Suisnes around Brie-Comte-Robert. In 1877, Scipio Cochet (1833-1896), grand-son of Christopher, created "Le Journal des Roses," a monthly magazine serving as a bridge between amateur and professional rose growers, who then takes the title "Journal of Roses (Rosa inter flores). Journal of ornamental tree. "This review discusses the methods of cultivation, innovations, the characteristics of different roses, reports on exhibitions and competitions in France and worldwide. The writing is assured until 1884 by Camille Bernardin, president of the rose growers, and then by Pierre-Philemon Cochet Pierre Cochet and after him. In 1911, his cousin and brother, Charles Cochet-Cochet, bought the newspaper, whose current issue is dated August 1914.

Rose "Memory of Rambaux rose grower."
The journal is abundantly illustrated with color plates (chromolithographs), each representing a variety of rose. The issues of the journal (REV odds 161 / 1 to 161/37 REV) and 246 illustrated plates (dimensions REV REV 161-1 to 161-246) are available in the departmental archives.

Families and their properties:

Feudalism, bourgeoisie, estates, properties - Archives of Old Regime

Family Dulong de Rosnay (Cannes-Ecluse)

Family de Rothschild: (Ferrières)

Fief and farm of La Parenterie (Favières, Pontcarré)
Fief and farm du Vieil Marteau (Arville)
Reports of charters or charters de Crécy

Family de Moustier:

Field of Croissy-Beaubourg
Field of Farcy (Dammarie-lès-Lys)
Field of Toussac (Villenauxe-la-Petite)

Family d'Harcourt-Beuvron, Catoire de Bioncourt (Melz-sur-Seine)

Family Duchesne (Ussy-sur-Marne)

Family Juvenal des Ursins d'Harville: (Doue, Saint-Germain-sous-Doue)

Lordship de La Grange-le-Roi

Family Lelièvre de La Grange:

Lordship and Field de La Trousse (Ocquerre)

Family de La Vieuville, d'Al Pozzo de La Trousse, d'Harville et alliés:

Lordship and Field du Houssay (Provinois)
Lordship then field de Maurevert, La Forest et Cresnes (Chaumes)
Reports of charters or charters de Diant
Reports of charters or charters de Guermantes
Castle and Field de Lesches

Family Claussen d'Argouges, Arbaleste: (Fleury-en-Bière, Perthes, Saint-Martin-en-Bière, Achères, Arbonne, la Chapelle-la-Reine)
Domain (Fief) de Sansalle (Brie-Comte-Robert)
Marquisate de Cramayel et Lordship ;

family La Borde et Fontaine:

Lordship d'Amillis
Lordship d'Andrezel, famille Picon
Lordship de Forfry
Lordship de Marolles-sur-Seine
Lordship de Quincy


Les Blasons:

Les bourgognes

Les Bourbons

Armorial of the Kingdom of France:

The crosses:

The symbols of crosses

The kings of France

Csatles in Links:

Medieval Music:

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