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All the links of Castles and medieval Times

There behind the foliage, in the lair of a forest, a forest as opposed to others that were built in the heart of a valley, a valley, the castles are different if they contain a heap of ornamental treasures, cultural, historical, in which lord shine a flash, a burst of prosperity that were able to raise and lead a department, a region in its time and for centuries ...
Whether regent, count, vassal of King book, Duke or any other securities assigned whatsoever, these personalities of the court were many flower fields, many seeds ....

Ile-de-France was born of the royal domain up from the tenth century by the Capetian kings.

Until the end of the old regime, the province extended to the north and northeast, including the countries of Soissons and Laon, currently located in the Aisne and the Beauvais and the Valois, currently located in the Oise (Picardie), but was less extensive to the east, excluding Champagne Brie around Meaux, attached to the Champagne. South limits was essentially the same today encompassing Gâtinais, while to the west, the boundary with Normandy remained unchanged along the line of the Epte. It corresponded to a zone of military government that did not coincide completely with the area of ​​economic interests of commercial corporations of Paris. Incidentally, this historical note reinforces the hypothesis of a Frankish etymology (Liddle franke) the name "Isle de France", and weaken the hypothesis geo-river.

In the seventeenth century, a significant number of people came to colonize New France (Quebec), especially the famous "King's daughters."

The world of Castles:

- The greatest Castles around Paris:

- The Castle of Ecouen:

- The Castle of Pierrefonds:

- A fortress to the madness architectural:

- The Castle of Versailles:

- The Castle of Chantilly:

- The Castle of Vaux le vicomte:

- The Castle of Rambouillet:

- The old Castle or the Castle of Saint Germain-en-Laye:

- Somes styles of Castles:

- The Royal Towns, the towns:

- The Royal Castles, Stately :

- Castles in Paris:

- The royal buildings in 17th century:

- Few steps toward royal buildings:

- The Castles build-Destroyed:

- The Castles in Ile-de-France:

- The Castles of 13th Century:

- The Dungeons of Ile de France region:

- Somes castles around Paris:

- The Castle of Gaillard in Les Andelys;

- The Castle of Guermantes;

- The Castle of Plessis in Montceaux-les-Mines;

- The Castle of Montmirail;

- The Castle of Courances;

- The Castle of Ormesson;

- The castle of Marmoussets;

- The Castle of Chamarande:

- The medieval festivals and markets in region Ile de France:

- Puzzle of Castles:

- Castles(fortress) and manors:

- Falaise, first castle in Normad stone?:

- Heritage, architecture and modernity:

- Aqueducts-tanks:

- Quarries and Stone:

In Ile-de-France:

- Balado, website of Leisure in France

- Website of Ministry of Culture, representing 3D buildings

- 23 masterpieces and gardens of Ile de France presented, calendar of events:

- Visit of Ile de France Castles:

- The museum Castles of Ile de France:

- The Castles in Ile-de-France on the web site of Paris:
Visit the most beautiful castles in Paris and Ile de France: practical information, history, hotels nearby. Do not miss the Palace of Versailles.

- Pictures of castles on wikipédia:

- Somes links of Castles:

- Pictures of castles in Ile de France:

- Forts, fortresses:

- Videos of Castles:

- The remains of Castles:

- Around castles and medieval times:

- The castles fortress:

- Histories of Castles:

- Links to the castles:

- The manors:

- The stately home:

- Maps to the Castles:

- The castle of Villiers:

- Crécy-la-Chapelle:

- The castle of Fontenay-sous-Bois:

- The Castle of Fontenay-Trésigny:

- The Castles from the sky:

- Around the Castles:

- Somes Castles

- Guided discovery of étampes:

- The castles by administrative department:

- Site lodges and cottages of charm in France:

- Link to a magnificent view of the sky castles in the Paris region:

- The Castles destroyed i Ile-de-France:

- Rebuild St. Cloud (The Castle), a project of Laurent Bouvet:

- List of castles in Ile de France on Wikipedia:

- Web Site who list all the Castles in Ile-de-France and France:

- WebSite ballads in brie:

- WebSite of Traveler Reviews, on the Castles:

- WebSite of Futura-sciences, balads in Ile-de-France région :

Guide and encyclopaedia;

- Guide of Castles in Ile de France:

- Encyclopedia BS

- Guide of Castles:

- The online guide of Castles and beautiful residence of France:

- The Castles of web:

- Châteaux story, castles story:

Our guide lists the castles, manors and houses of character in France following their activities.
With the only wish: to show you houses full of charm and authenticity throughout France.

- Châteaux-France, castles-France:

- A guide for the castles in France:
You are in the Loire Valley, World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Discover the Loire Valley, Chambord Amboise, Azay-le-Rideau, Cheverny, Chenonceau, Langeais, Montpoupon, Saumur, Ussé, Villandry to name but a few ...
The Loire Valley is part of the history of France with the royal dynasties of Valois and Bourbon, but also the war of Vendee.

- Wapédia, a encyclopédia for mobil phone :
This encyclopedia contains such a list of all the castles in France, Belgium, articles, documentation, etc. ....

- Association "Le médiéviste":


- The art evens in Ile-de-France:

- Médiéval Sculpture :

- Places of culture and heritage

- The website of the Ile de france région:

- The culture in Ile-de-France

- Near Portal of the Ile-de-France Région :

- Tourism in Ile-de-France région:

La France:

- The feudal castles and medieval ruins:

- Website who have for theme the monuments such as castles, cathedrals, castles, etc. .., well;

- The most beautiful buildings in France:

- The Castles in France:

- The Castle neuf in Saint-Germain-en-Laye;

- The castles (Fortress):

- The fortifications;

- The construction of fort-Boyard:

- All about castles:

- WebSite of médiéval evens:

- TV5 Monde, Web TV (vidéo), The castles of France:

- Pictures of castles on wikipédia:

- Visits of French region, somes Européen country in ligne, huge!

- Ballads in the aera of Chamarande:

- Etampes royal town, visit:

- Web Site of gites and cottages of charm in France:

- Hotel trade and Heritage:

- The castles in bicycle:
The good life in the Loire Valley, this is what we offer during your stay in the territory of the Land of Castles!

- Web Site of castles-golf:
We are pleased to welcome you to the Chateaux Golf & Country Club.
We offer around the Golf "a lifestyle" linked to tradition, the elegance of the decor, the flavor of food, heat and personalization of the home and the quality of excellent service . Each year, we are discovering new golf destinations and the 2008 is no exception to our tradition.

- Web site of Relais et Châteaux in France:


- The Merovingian Kingdoms;

- The Kingdom of France:

- Arm of kingdom of France

- The symbols of crosses

- The Kings of France

Monuments and heritage in Ile-de-France:

The historic monument:

Historic Sites recycled:

10 000 Quotes on culture:

Web Site of Ministry of Culture:

- The Heritage library;

- The heritage inventory;

- Architecture and heritage;

Culture and heritage in Ile-de-France:

Department of Seine-Saint-Denis:

- The castles, the manors and bourgeois house by century of construction:

- The castles:

- Tourism in Seine-Saint-Denis:

Department of Essonne:

- Gardens, Castles and culture :

- Tourism en Essonne:

The heritage in essonne

Department of Haut-de-Seine:

- The castles, the culture:

- Tourism in Hauts-de-Seine:

- Heritage in Hauts-de-Seine:

Heritage in Val-de-Bièvre:

Department of Val-de-Marne:

- The Castles, the culture:

- Tourism in Val-de-Marne:

Department of Val-D'Oise:

- The castles, the culture:

- Tourism in Val d'Oise:

Department of the Seine-et-Marne:

- The Castles, the culture:

- Tourism in Seine-et-Marne:

Department of Yvelines:

- The Castles, the culture:

- Tourism in Yvelines:

- Heritage in Yvelines:

Ile-de-France region :

- Places of cultural and heritage site of the Ile-de-France

- Culture in Ile-de-France

- Site of the Ile-de-France region

- Tourism in région Ile-de-France

- The tourism in France
Il recense tous les offices de tourisme et les syndicats d'initiatives

- Ile de, the web site of the young in Ile-de-France region

- France guide

- Via-France, go in Ile-de-France

Addresses of the medieval world:

- The Databases: : Monuments Nationaux is a public administrative institution under the supervision of the Minister of Culture and Communication. It conserves, restores and manages, leads, open to visit nearly 100 national monuments state property. All illustrate their diversity, the richness of French heritage from all periods abbeys, castles, prehistoric caves, archaeological sites ... : Topics Topos is a leading digital tackles new and challenging issues: using the power of the Internet to continuously enrich the state of knowledge.

"": is an encyclopédie of heritage of France:

"Around the castles": is a site that lists the castles and fortresses of the tenth to the seventeenth century in France, including history and a thousand other topics is a very nice site enthusiasts.

Wikipédia, the Architecture

Passion of the castles: is a site dedicated to private castles in France, is especially dedicated to those who are unknown to the public. The Auvergne region of my heart, it holds a prominent place, my research is specifically focused on the Puy de Dome. Castle's most famous least-known of the castle (often in ruins) to the 19th century is the history of France who speaks to us. It would be a shame to miss. So let it guide you throughout "The Passion of the Castles".

Castlemaniac: "Castles and Medieval", will allow you to browse the 1000 years that cover this period while discovering what was the reference of medieval military architecture, the castle.
From the castle mound, a simple mound of earth topped by a wooden tower, the royal castles surrounded by massive stone walls flanked with strong towers, "Castles and Medieval" presents a part of the French medieval heritage. To identify these 10 centuries of turmoil, you can help complete biographies of the various actors of the Middle Ages, a medieval timeline containing all the dates that have made France, many historical maps and a glossary specifically provides.

Château-tourisme,discover the essential Loire Castles, towns, villages, museums, gardens and attractions nearby. We give you information for a trip to the Loire Valley and we invite you to discover or rediscover this extraordinary heritage, site of many scenes in history.

Castleland, This site is dedicated to all lovers of castles, heritage and ancient remains. New sites and articles will be available at the discretion of the evolution of our research.
Click the "Castle" to start the visit or find the complete list of castles currently available on the site.

Encyclopédia Dunon forteresse

various addresses:

The France step by step:

The quarries;
Exploitation des minerais:


Web Site of
Ethnologie des monuments historique:

Study plan of a monastery and a castle in Saumur;

Pictures of heritage:

The culture and the heritage in France:

The most beautiful villages of France:

A blog:

The heritage in blog:

Web Site, je découvre la France, I discover the France:

The Architecture and the Urbanisme:

Let tell you the cities and countries of Art and History, par les chemins du tourisme culturel (Visites guidées, visites découvertes, Expos, Animations, etc...)

Media document:

- Music on medieval time...:

- Videos of visit of châteaux;

- Virtual visit of castles:

Castle of Condé

Castle of Férrières

Castle of Versailles

Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte

Castle of Fontainebleau

Castle of Houssoy

Castle of Beauregard

Castle of Brou

Castle of Voisins

Castle of Blandy les tours


Cities that bear the label "city of art and history" set up by the Ministry of Culture and Communication:







Saint-Quentin en Yvelines

Let tell you the cities and countries of Art and History:
The paths of cultural tourism, tours, guided discovery, exhibitions, events, etc ...

By the way blogs, other castles in France, abroad:

The Castle of Mung;

The castle of Modave:

The Castle of Durban:

Park of Castle of plaisir:

Beynac and his Castle:

The Castles and Manors in Ile-de-France

The Cathar castles;

The Castle of Haut Koenigsbourg;

The Castle and the park of trevarez

The castle of La Brède:

The Associations:

- La Fnassem
Founded in 1967 by Henry Segogne (1901-1979), mountaineer, a senior official (State Council) and pioneer of landscape protection and cultural heritage in France, includes FNASSEM associations law of 1901 which, on the whole French territory, dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of built heritage and landscapes that surround it. It gives them experience and skills in helping their leaders to overcome the difficulties they encounter in everyday life and supporting their initiatives.

- The Heritage Foundation
the Heritage Foundation is a private, independent nonprofit whose mission is to defend and promote an endangered heritage is not protected by the state, "local heritage."

- The network Rempart
Today, the number of sites covered and the extent of its field of action, the Union REMPART is the first national movement working, as a practical and organized for the Safeguarding of the Intangible: Beyond the volunteer sites, the Union and its members are developing actions in the field of heritage education, integration, training, entertainment and heritage of publishing.
It belongs now to the Meeting of National Associations of the built heritage and landscape (G8-Heritage) which brings together eight national associations of public benefit assets. Its representatives also serve on national bodies like the National Council of associations (CNVA), the National Monuments or National Group for information and consultation on property placed with the Minister of Culture.

- The Federation of Historical and Archaeological Paris and the Ile-de-France:

- The site of French Association (VMF) of heritage:

- Unesco:
Article on heritage;

- The Association Urbamet
The association aims at sharing knowledge among professionals in urban planning, housing and travel. It also allows the radiation of French expertise in these areas.

- The Association farmhouses of France, Maisons paysannes de France:

- The Association Cathar country sites, des sites de pays Cathares, :

Various Documents:

The Creation Museum:

Resources and digital collections online:

Link castles, history of the castle of Neuilly:

Review the store picturesque, a bit of everything:

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, National library of France, BNF, data base Gallica;

A path to the pictures of new town:

Public and General Council in Ile-de-France:

WebSite Explic, This website also explains the construction of castles:


During 2006/2007, the Cité of Chaillot shows and describes the architecture, stained glass, castings, models, paintings, murals, etc. ....
From castles to country houses, the classic city beautification or desire, of Gothic architecture, etc. ....

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Luxury real estate and character:

Association An historic and Touristic path in Ile-de-France region, Un chemin Historique et Touristique en Ile-de-France:

The website of the Association:

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