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Castles and Tourism

Here, in Francilienne région, build since more centuries, somes castles,  fortified-castles, dungeons are now visitables, near Paris, in Vincennes, Versailles for exemple, and around Paris in Dourdan, Pierrefonds for exemple. There were somes bigest value against invasions, wars... During somes centuries they have evolved, they have allowed to arrive to a pictures that we know through somes fortified-castle like Coucy, Vincennes (near Paris),  Fortress of Salses, Carcassonne, medieval city again "alive"...


* Portraits of castles in region

* The visitables castles

* Greatest Castles around Paris

* Somes Castles around Paris

* The remains of Castles


Fortified-castles, dungeons

* The visitables fortified-castles

* Portraits of dungeons

* Castles, fortified-castles, dungeons

* The medieval festivals and markets

* The town of Provins - Medieval city near Paris, inside, there're somes shows, activity, etc...

* The world of castles

Somes exemple of fortified-Castles in the Francilienne region :

The castle of Château-Gaillard, in Les Andelys (Eure department, 27)

The Castle is a medieval fortress in ruins, which lies at the heart of the Norman Vexin, 100 km from Paris on the town of Andelys (Eure). It is a piece of history of France dominates the Seine valley, blending Richard the Lion Heart and cursed kings atop a limestone cliff. Château-Gaillard was over 800 years. It owes its name to Richard the Lion Heart, who, seeing completed, would have said "That guy that's a castle! ".

The Castle of Blandy-les-Tours in Blandy-les-Tours (Seine-et-Marne department, 77)

The castle is a medieval castle located in the town of Blandy-les-Tours in the department of Seine-et-Marne, near the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte. The castle is located in the heart of the village of Blandy. Since its acquisition by the General Council of Seine-et-Marne, he was the subject of several restoration campaigns.

The Castle of Farcheville, in Bouville (Essonne department, 91)

The Château de Farcheville is a 14th-century castle in the commune of Bouville near Paris in the département of Essonne. The castle was built by the Hugues II and Hugues III, Lords of Farcheville and Bouville. The great hall was built in 1291 and the castle chapel was consecrated in 1304. Both father and son were chamberlain to Philip IV of France. The structure possesses a rare northern French example of arched machicolations on buttresses, more characteristic of military architecture in the Languedoc. The castle passed to the family of Châtillon in the fifteenth century.

The Castle of Dourdan, in Dourdan (Essonne department, 91)

The castle of Dourdan is a French fortified-castle in Dourdan, in the former province of Hurepoix in the department of Essonne and the region Île-de-France, forty-six kms south-west of Paris. 

In X century, Dourdan was one of the strongholds of Hugh the Great, who built a wooden puppet, located few hundred meters northwest of the current châteauwhere he died in 956. The construction lasted long enough for Louis VII (1120-1180), made her say, one of his residences hunting.

The Castle called "Le Vivier" in Fontenay-Trésigny (Seine-et-Marne department, 77)

To the west, a drawbridge was lowered at the foot of a quadrangular dungeon as the main entrance to the castle. A double ogival vault, protected on each side by archers directed in all directions towards the curtains, formed a vestibule. On the right, beneath this vault, whose right feet still preserve the traces of the portcullis, we notice in the thickness of the wall a small room illuminated from the outside by loopholes where the men of guard were standing.

The fortified-Castle of La Madeleine (Yvelines department, 78)

The Château de la Madeleine is a castle located in the village of Chevreuse in the department of Yvelines, France. In good condition, the castle dominates the valley of Chevreuse. It is the General Council of Yvelines and hosts the headquarters of the Regional Natural Park of the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse.
Its construction started between 1030 and 1090. It was commissioned by Gui I, lord of Chevreuse. It was to defend the city of Chevreuse, a victim of looting. This time, it remains probably nothing. The current tower mistress to be preceded by a wooden tower whose foundations were collected during archaeological excavations.

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 In Paris:

- The Castle of Louvre

- The conciergerie, ancient castle and medieval

- The Castle of Pierrefonds, in Pierrefonds (Oise department, 60)

The castle is an imposing castle located on the edge Pierrefonds southeast of the forest of Compiegne, north of Paris, between Villers-Cotterets and Compiegne, in the department of Oise.
Pierrefonds castle has the most features of the defensive work of the Middle Ages. He was saved by Viollet-le-Duc in the nineteenth century, who also undertook significant work of decoration and furniture design.
It is managed by the National Monuments.

- The Castle of Vincennes, in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne department, 94)

The Castle is a fortress located in the town of Vincennes, east of Paris, France. It was built in the fourteenth century the seventeenth century. It is the largest remaining French royal castle, and the height of the tower, 52 meters, it is the highest plain of Fortress Europe.

Somes ruins of Castles in Ile-de-France:

- The dungeon of Courcelles-les-Gisors
- Ozauer le Voulgis
- Montereau
Nemours, fortified castle
- La Ferté-Millon, vestige of tower 
- Crécy-en-Brie, a tower 
- Rochefort en Yvelines, ruins of the fortress

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